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Fight Against Landlords

Fight Against Landlords

Dou Di Zhu


IMDb /10 votes


Early Republic of China, cohabitation, everyday gathered spades city a member Xiqiao Shi: Brothel „heaven on earth,” the first card artist, endowed Shuangjue spring girl inexplicably disappeared for a time controversial. In fact, spring is the king of heartless landlords occupy large cat, wants to marry a mistress. Wang big cat had had over seven room concubine, Mrs. strange that in addition to large hearts, the rest are short-lived ghost. Cause of death vary, the result is only a …… girl from spring scored landlord, the light hanging by a thread, in jeopardy. Goodness and wisdom of the coexistence of young straight set artifice big cat king came home to do long-term employment, the trend of big hearts glance wife spotted this handsome stylish young man, every day straight honey trap seduce; grand square piece then hold with ulterior motives, for straight carrot and stick, coercion; landlord Wang big cat, though quietly, but secretly he ordered his men to prepare for the funeral straight. Originally, the city of spades K and the Northeast Army Marshal to war, notify landlords to raise forage, do not pay land tax on the murder. Wang dismay fiscal cat laid down his life, came up 狸猫换太子 Guizhu Yi, he is recruited straight scapegoat In fact, long-term employment belongings straight to the landlord’s intention is to rescue the girl from the spring, he and his childhood betrothal spring girl, childhood. In the straight arrangement, the two repeatedly escape plan failed, Junko’s intentions be known landowners. Wang big cat menace straight to die for him, or to kill the spring. Seeing the deadline is up, the old K warlord ordered and executed for refusing to pay landowners forage. But he did not know, taken to his death „landlord” is actually permanent straight. Junko with extraordinary wisdom saved the day, return dawangzhuang, determination and landlord Wang big cat fight a good f

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